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Vladimir Putin : We made peace and withdrew, Ukraine has violated its part of the agreement

 Vladimir Putin: We made peace and withdrew, Ukraine has violated its part of the agreement

St. Petersburg (TNCZ)- Russian President Vladimir Putin showed the signed peace agreement to African leaders during the meeting on Saturday. This was supposed to be negotiated by representatives of Russia and Ukraine in the spring of last year in Turkey.

According to the Russian head of state, the Ukrainians have violated their part of the contract. I would not attach more weight to Russian statements, the security analyst assessed.

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The agreement, called the “Treaty on Permanent Neutrality and Security Guarantees of Ukraine”, was to be negotiated by both sides in March 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey, shortly after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, writes the RBC portal.

“I would like to draw your attention to the fact that under the auspices of Turkish President Erdogan, a whole series of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine took place in Turkey with the aim of building support and negotiating the exact wording of the agreement. We never agreed that the agreement would be confidential, but we never they neither submitted nor commented. The draft was signed by the head of the negotiating group from Kyiv. He put his signature there. Here it is,” TASS quoted the Russian president as saying.

During his speech to African leaders, Putin was supposed to hold up the paper on which the agreement was allegedly signed. “There are 18 articles about those guarantees. In addition, there is an addendum. It concerns the armed forces and other areas,” he added.

But according to the Russian president, Ukraine did not keep its part of the agreement. “When we withdrew the troops from Kiev, the Ukrainian representatives swept the agreement off the table and into the abyss of history, to put it politely,” Putin said. At the same time, in the spring of last year, the Russian army actually withdrew and stopped advancing. You can find out more information in this article on TN.cz.

However, security analyst from Masaryk University Jakub Drmola is convinced that the withdrawal of Russian troops was inevitable. “It was forced by the military situation. The fact that their situation in the north around Kiev was unsustainable,” he explained to TN.cz.

Even then, however, negotiations were underway. According to the TASS agency, the document that Putin came up with now is dated April 15, 2022. Ukraine was supposed to guarantee neutrality. The guarantors of the treaty, which are listed in the preamble, are several countries. These are the United States of America, the United Kingdom, China, Russia and France.

“Given the information that is constantly coming out of the Kremlin administration, I would not give much weight to this rumor. Various such cries are constantly appearing, and as far as I know, no other sources indicate that such a contract was and was signed. It is on the level of assertion,” Drmola is clear.

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