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Prof. Shasi Kumar
Co-Founder / Editor–in Chief
Prof. Shasi Kumar is Co-founder of the Diplomat Times responsible to the Board for effective strategic leadership, planning and performance. After graduating from the Baring Union Christian Collage and Journalism from Arni University (HP). He worked as a journalist, analyst, and editor for Diplomat times. Prof. Shasi serves on Executive Board of International Human Rights Defenders Forum also he has served in  many international organizations. Mr. Kumar got many International and national humanitarian awards. Prof. Kumar has made substantial charitable contributions to Indian society in the fields of environment, educational development and poverty alleviation. 
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Prof. Dr. Sang Won Park
Honorary Director
Prof. Dr. Sang Won Park is the founder and Director. Dr. Sang holds a PhD from YUIN University, USA. He is chancellor of America International University Los Angeles. Over the last thirty years, besides being a leading advocate within Korean civil societies. He is Ecuadorian, Korean and American, but lives in Los Angeles. His background is in tech and education reporting, and was previously editor at Korean news magazine.
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PMr. Andy Sengiahk
Co-IN charge
Head Diplomat & Politics
Mr. Andy Sengiah is a Co- In Charge and Head Diplomat & Politics. Graduate from Malaysia University. Over the last ten years he is connected with Politicians and Diplomats. His background is in tech and education reporting, and was previously editor at Malaysia news Channel.
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Dato’ Dr. Marietta Reformado
In-charge (MALAYSIA)
Dato’ Dr. Marietta Reformado serves as an International board member of DT and is a dedicated social activist. She has previously been a member of the United Nations Association Malaysia and is the Founder and CMD of MW Worldwide.
Head Business and Diplomacy
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Prof. Kyung Bai An
In-charge/Head USA 
Prof. Dr. Sang Won Park Prof. Kyung Bai An is DT USA head. Kyung holds a PhD from AIU, USA. He is affiliated with ICAP in New York and has been a prominent advocate within Korean civil societies for the past three decades. Although Ecuadorian, Korean, and American by nationality, he currently resides in New York. His expertise lies in the realms of technology and education reporting.
Sports and United Nations
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PKyung Bai An
In-charge/Head USA 
Jose Angel Ramirez is our In-charge/ Head Mexico. He sits on several boards locally and internationally based and he is also the Executive Director for de la Revista (America Sin Fronteras.) 
Sports and United Nations
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Mr. Manu Seth
In-charge, Diplomat Relations 
Mr. Manu Seth Business Leader, President, Investor & CEO SpeakingMindz Inc. 
Formerly the HTC Asia Head, Manu is a distinguished international business strategy leader, advisor, consultant for international trade revenue, and a World Peace Ambassador. As a Rotarian, he also represents India at WBAF (World Business Angels Investment Forum) and actively participates in various trade promotional councils across Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Africa, and London. Known for his strong communication skills, Manu’s leadership style involves energizing teams, encouraging innovative thinking, and promoting agility.
Business & Trade
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Dr. Prof. Jared Akama
Author, Diplomat Relations 
Dr. Prof. Jared Akama President of Kenya Environment and Waste Management Association. He earned his BA in Economics and Geography from Egerton University, followed by a BA in Theology from North Western Christian University. Additionally, he obtained a Bachelor of Chaplaincy from Impact Africa Technical University USA. His academic journey continued with an MBA from Africa Nazarene University, with a focus on Project Management. Furthering his studies, he pursued an MA in Development Studies from St. Paul’s University, specializing in peacebuilding and conflict transformation. Lastly, he achieved a Ph.D. in Leadership and International Diplomacy from Wisdom University.
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