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Indian Parliament Turmoil: Intruders Breach Security, Sparking Concerns and Calls for Rigorous Investigation

In a striking reminiscent event from the past, the Indian Parliament experienced a notable security breach on Wednesday, precisely 22 years after the distressing attack of December 13, 2001 Indian Parliament Turmoil

NEW DELHI – On Wednesday, a significant security breach occurred in India’s lower house of parliament when two unidentified individuals stormed the premises, coinciding with the anniversary of a deadly attack on the complex over two decades ago.

Sansad TV, the official parliamentary channel, broadcast live footage revealing one man vaulting over tables and dashing toward the speaker’s chair, prompting chaos among lawmakers attempting to restrain him. Simultaneously, another individual in the visitor’s gallery was observed releasing yellow smoke within the building.

In response to the disturbance, the parliamentary session was briefly adjourned as lawmakers evacuated the premises. Meanwhile, outside the building, two additional individuals were apprehended while chanting slogans, surrounded by the presence of law enforcement.

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Upon the resumption of parliament, Om Birla, the speaker of the lower house, informed lawmakers that all four individuals had been arrested, and their possessions seized. Opposition lawmakers expressed grave concerns about the breach, with Mallikarjun Kharge, the leader of India’s primary opposition Congress party, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation. He questioned how two individuals managed to breach the elaborate security measures in place.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India honored the individuals who lost their lives in the aforementioned incident.

“Today, we commemorate and extend sincere tributes to the courageous security personnel who sacrificed their lives in the Parliament attack of 2001. Their valor and dedication in the midst of peril will remain indelibly etched in our nation’s collective memory,” he expressed on X.

In 2001, a devastating attack on the Indian Parliament claimed nine lives and left several others injured. The assailants, armed with AK-47 rifles, grenade launchers, pistols, and grenades, infiltrated security using a vehicle with counterfeit government labels. This act was attributed to the Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba groups, both recognized as terrorist organizations by the United States. The attack had far-reaching consequences, contributing to heightened tensions between India and Pakistan in 2001.

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