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Mitsubishi Heavy launches H-IIA rocket carrying Japan’s spy satellite

Mitsubishi Heavy launches H-IIA rocket carrying Japan’s spy satellite

TOKYO (Reuters) – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (7011.T) launched an H-IIA rocket carrying the Japanese government’s Information-Gathering Satellite “Optical-8”, the company said in a post on social media X on Friday.

It was the 48th launch of Japan’s flagship launch vehicle since 2001, bringing the success rate of the rocket, developed by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), to 97.92%.

Japan plans to retire H-IIA after two more launches and replace it with H3, but has been struggling with the transition after JAXA’s first test launch failed in March last year. The H3’s second test launch is slated for Feb. 15.

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Milestone Launch

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries marked a milestone with the successful liftoff of the H-IIA rocket, showcasing the nation’s prowess in space exploration.

Strategic Payload

The rocket carried a high-tech spy satellite, underscoring Japan’s commitment to enhancing its surveillance and national security capabilities.

Advanced Technology

The H-IIA rocket is known for its reliability and advanced technology, making it a preferred choice for deploying critical payloads into space.

Mission Success

The flawless launch and precise deployment of the spy satellite reaffirm Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ expertise in space missions, contributing to Japan’s strategic advancements.

National Security Boost

The newly deployed spy satellite is expected to significantly bolster Japan’s national security efforts, providing advanced surveillance capabilities for both domestic and international purposes.

As Japan continues to invest in space exploration and technology, this successful launch adds to the nation’s growing list of achievements in the field. Stay tuned for further updates on the mission’s developments and the satellite’s operational contributions.

With Associated Press Reporting by Kantaro Komiya; Editing by Chang-Ran Kim

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