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Tesla Cybertruck created a stir as soon it arrived

Tesla Cybertruck created a stir as soon it arrived

The wild-looking electric pick-up truck will be offered in three trim levels

Texas, USA (DT) – The launch of Tesla Cyber Truck has created a stir in the market, people are searching it on google.

Tesla is known for its electronic vehicles, Tesla has recently launched its truck named Cyber Truck which has become a topic of discussion in the market as soon as it arrives.

Tesla Cybertruck deliveries are finally starting! Today is the day. Just about 4 years after the initial unveiling event, the first buyers will get their electric Bladerunner, apocalypse-ready Tesla Cybertrucks.

Reportedly, the Tesla Cybertruck delivery event that Tesla is going to be livestreaming will include the delivery of 10 trucks. That matches quite closely with what Tesla did in the past with the Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y. Additionally, there are rumors that deliveries will also occur today at service and delivery centers around the USA.

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This Cybertruck is bullet proof, to prove this, Tesla co-founder Elon Musk has also shared a video on his twitter/X handle which we are sharing with you. In this video you can see how a gunman is spraying bullets on a truck but the truck is not getting harmed.

Musk said the Cybertruck’s hard steel body was bulletproof, and that its windows were “rock proof.” He said it could tow over 11,000 pounds, accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.6 seconds and features a “super-tough” composite bed that is six feet long and four feet wide. He added that the vehicle would “change the look of the roads” and that the “future finally looks like the future.”

let us know a little more about this truck, what are its features and what is its specialties.

As you see this truck its made with special metalic which even a bullet can not penetrate.

Let us know a little about its price and speed

During the latest event in Texas, Tesla announced final pricing for the Cybertruck. The entry-level, single-motor Rear-Wheel Drive model will arrive in 2025 and kicks off in the US at $49,890 (around $10,000 more than expected). It comes with an estimated 250-mile range and the 0-60mph time is 6.5 seconds.

Up next is the All-Wheel Drive costing $68,890. It features a dual-motor set up with 340 miles of range, 600bhp, a 4.1-second 0-62mph time and almost 15,000Nm in towing capacity. The All-Wheel Drive will be delivered from 2024.

Tesla Cybertruck Petersen Automotive Museum Los Angeles California KYLE FIELD CleanTechnica 800x445 1
Tesla Cybertruck at Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California. Photo
: Kyle Field.

The range-topping Cyberbeast will also be available in 2024, priced at $96,390. Power is upped to 845bhp here but range decreases over the All-Wheel Drive to 320 miles. A 0-60mph time of 2.5 seconds is claimed by Tesla.

We first saw the Tesla Cybertruck in 2019 and since then the American EV maker has been teasing us through the lengthy development period of its electric truck. Now the teasing is over, because customers have just got their hands on the very first Cybertruck examples.

2023.01 petersen automotive museum california los angeles tesla cybertruck KYLE ramp bed 2048x1542 1
Tesla Cybertruck, Petersen Automotive Museum. Photo : Kyle Field

An event at the firm’s Giga Texas facility saw around a dozen Cybertrucks were handed over to customers – two years on from when Tesla initially said the truck would be delivered. The electric truck has made numerous headlines since its conspicuous original reveal, with various sightings of it testing on the roads in America, not to mention the mishap surrounding the broken ‘bulletproof glass’ on stage at the first presentation itself.

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