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India Reaffirms Commitment to Trade Relations with Afghanistan Through Iran

India Reaffirms Commitment to Trade Relations with Afghanistan Through Iran

Tehran, IRAN (DT) – India has reiterated its keen interest in fostering trade ties with Afghanistan through the strategic route of Iran, emphasizing the significance of regional economic cooperation.

During a press conference in Tehran with his Iranian counterpart Amir-Abdollahian, Jaishankar stated, “I emphasized India’s keen interest in leveraging Iran’s distinctive geographical location to gain access to markets in Central Asia, Afghanistan, and Eurasia. Our discussions included exploring the potential revitalization of the International North South Transport Corridor.”

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The diplomat also said that the two countries will continue their dialogue about Afghanistan’s stability.

Trade Connectivity:

India has restated its commitment to bolstering trade relations with Afghanistan, recognizing the crucial role of Iran as a key transit route for fostering regional economic connectivity.

Strategic Partnership:

The reaffirmation of interest underscores the strategic importance India places on strengthening economic partnerships with neighboring countries, fostering mutual growth and development.

Regional Stability:

Enhancing trade through Iran is seen as a pathway to bolstering regional stability, creating a positive environment for economic collaboration and shared prosperity.

Diplomatic Channels:

India’s reiterated commitment comes as a result of diplomatic efforts to sustain and strengthen economic ties, emphasizing the potential benefits for both India and Afghanistan.

Strategic Geopolitical Importance:

The trade corridor through Iran holds geopolitical significance, offering a secure and efficient route for trade activities and contributing to the overall economic stability of the region.

As India reaffirms its dedication to trade relations with Afghanistan, the focus on leveraging the Iran route highlights a commitment to regional economic cooperation and the strengthening of diplomatic ties. Stay tuned for further developments on this crucial trade initiative.

Jaishankar also announced that India has decided to include Farsi (Persian) as one of the nine classical languages in India under the New Education Policy.

In a tweet, the Indian Foreign Minister shared details of his meeting with the Iranian counterpart.

The bilateral discussion primarily centered around establishing a long-term framework for India’s engagement with the Chabahar port and the INSTC connectivity project. Addressing concerns about threats to maritime shipping in the region was highlighted as a crucial and urgent matter.

The agenda also encompassed discussions on the Gaza situation, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and fostering cooperation within the BRICS framework.

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