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Jason Ritter and Melanie Lynskey Are Making Everybody Cry in This Viral Clip

Jason Ritter and Melanie Lynskey Are Making Everybody Cry in This Viral Clip

DT (Beats)- As if anyone needed any more proof that Melanie Lynskey and Jason Ritter are—hands down, no question—the best celebrity couple, Ritter goes ahead and shares the most touching story about how their relationship began. It was on The Drew Barrymore Show, of course, because Drew Barrymore can draw this stuff out of people like nobody else in the biz.

In the viral clip, Barrymore asks Ritter when he knew that Lynskey was the one for him. “It’s not as cute of a story as you would like to think,” Ritter says, then proceeds to tell the cutest story I’ve ever heard in my life. Ritter says it was “messy” and “weird” but that he was also “dealing with some alcoholism issues” at the time. “I knew how amazing she was, and I thought she would be incredible for someone…someone who deserved her. And I didn’t feel like I was that person,” he admitted. At this point, everyone on the couch (as well as everyone watching at home, I assume) starts to tear up.

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Jason Ritter tweeted : The whole conversation is on her show today at 2:30 by the way!! This was just the beginning 😊

Thank you for all the lovely comments!!!

“So it was only after like maybe a year into not drinking where I started to go, ‘Oh, maybe I can promise some things to someone else. Maybe I can be this person.’ And it’s been like a slow burn,” Ritter continued. “So I knew that she was incredible. It was working on myself enough to feel like maybe I could be the one for her too.” Lynskey, holding her husband’s hand, added how “proud” she is of him.

Judging by the glowing response to the clip on social media, Barrymore isn’t the only person who can relate. And Lynskey isn’t the only one to see what a gem she married. Normies and fellow celebs alike took to Twitter to share the emotional clip and sing the actor’s praises. “I did my very first movie with Jason Ritter.

You will never meet a kinder, more inclusive, emotionally intelligent man,” Hilarie Burton tweeted. “Whew.

The vulnerability and transparency of Jason Ritter in this clip with Drew Barrymore talking about his love Melanie Lynskey has just taken my breath away!” wrote Yvette Nicole Brown. Tweeted Josh Radnor, “So moved by this. Grateful for your vulnerability.” And of course the Yellowjackets star herself commented, “I love you so very much.”

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