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New UK Prime Minister Liz Truss to take oath as UK PM, Boris Johnson to submit resignation to Queen

UK (DT) 07, Sep 2022 | 10 : 40 AM

Liz Truss’s Cabinet is the most diverse Cabinet ever assembled

Foreign Minister Liz Truss (47) has won the race for the post of leader in the ruling Conservative Party. He defeated the former finance minister Rishi Sunak of Indian origin in a tough struggle. Now she will take over as the Prime Minister. They will be faced with the challenges of dealing with inflation, industrial unrest and the possibility of recession in the country. The inflation rate in the country has reached 10.1 percent in July.
With the announcement of the victory of Liz Truss, the process of transfer of power has started. Incumbent Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who announced his decision to step down as prime minister in July after being embroiled in several scandals, will go to Scotland on Tuesday to formally submit his resignation letter to Queen Elizabeth II. Truss will also accompany them. The Queen will administer the oath to them to form the government. Today she will go to the House of Commons as prime minister for the first time.