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Warning to central government : if the demands are not met, we will soon close the railway track

New Delhi (DT) Dec 10: Farmers agitating against the new agricultural laws have warned the central government on Thursday that they will block railway tracks if their demands are not met. The date for doing so will be announced soon.
Addressing reporters on the Indus border of Delhi-Karnal Road, the farmers said that they are demanding the repeal of the new agricultural law. For which we have been forced to protest on the borders of Delhi for almost two weeks. Farmers organizations on Thursday reiterated their views saying that they will intensify their agitation. Will start blocking all highways coming into the national capital. If their demands are not met, they will soon close the railway track.

Farmer leader Buta Singh from the Singhu border said that the Prime Minister says that the dialogue should continue and we believe the same. On the other hand, the Agriculture Minister says that if the farmers agree to their amendments, then only the negotiations will continue, otherwise it will not happen. We are again bet on what we condemn.