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Big Breaking about Chinese President House arrest ; on Social media


  • BJP’s Subramanian Swamy tweeted about Xi Jinping’s house arrest rumours

  • Some on social media accounts claimed Li Qiaoming has been made China’s President
  • There has been no official confirmation of the news yet

Diplomat Times (Beijing) – There is speculation that Chinese President Xi Jinping is presently under house arrest in Beijing, with many on social media platforms claiming that a new President has been appointed. The allegations come mere days after Xi attended the SCO summit in Samarkand alongside Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other world leaders. The manner in which Xi Jinping has shaped his foreign policy has left many in his own party in the lurch. He wanted to run his country and the world with the policy of suppression. The Hong Kong riots sought to exercise muscle power against the freedom of ordinary people. He became unloved by the people of his country while trying to increase his prestige. Muslim people of that country Above the inhumane torture, the action taken with Taiwan in the present time is suicidal. But we have not seen any results in the current Russia Ukraine war. We can guess that the war in Ukraine is moving towards dire consequences. The young soldiers that Xi Jinping has incited for war have no combat experience. the past. The way China was killed by India in the Galvan conflict, P.L.A.There was dissatisfaction in this. Xi Jinping did not give minimum respect to the soldiers.

BJP’s Subramanian Swamy tweeted about Xi Jinping’s house arrest rumors viral .


Inexperienced Chinese soldier lost his life due to extreme cold on the Indian border. Xi Jinping has been unable to measure India’s strength. Xi Jinping has no trade policy. Imperialist policy was replaced by commercial policy. EO wanted to take over the poor countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka by showing the greed of loans. Xi Jinping was under the suspicion of all countries in the world due to the corona situation. Xi Jinping did not think about how to get out of the country’s economic situation. But he has repeatedly encouraged North Korea against America…. So Xi Jinping himself is responsible for this situation today.