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The death of the Syrian ambassador to Qatar

Diplomat source (DT)06 December,2020 : His Excellency Mr. Nizar Hassan Al-Haraki, the Syrian ambassador to the State of Qatar, moved to the mercy of God Almighty in Istanbul yesterday, at the age of fifty-eight, following his infection with the Coronavirus. Al-Haraki worked as his country’s ambassador to Qatar since September 2013, and it is reported that the ambassador was on a working visit to Syria to inspect the situation. The National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces mourned Ambassador Al-Haraki yesterday, expressing condolences to the family of the deceased, his friends and colleagues, recalling his role and effectiveness and the efforts he made throughout his work as ambassador to Syria. The deceased ambassador Al-Haraki, born in the city of Daraa, worked on public affairs and the issues of his homeland, and contributed to the Syrian revolution. May God Almighty cover him with the breadth of his mercy and make him live in paradise, and inspire his family with patience and solace.