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Independence day Special : Women Who Played a Noteworthy Role for Independence of India

Independence day Special : Women Who Played a Noteworthy Role for Independence of India

KOLKATA (DT) – Tomorrow is my country’s independence day. This freedom is the history of the sacrifice of many revolutionaries of our country. Swaraj was the dream of thousands of revolutionaries in every state of India. We all know the history of Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Bose, Bhagat Singh, Khudiram Bose. But many of us do not know the sacrifice of some mothers and sisters of Bengal. What does freedom mean? But the world should learn how to organize a revolution from India.

Those times were very conservative, women’s socializing outside the house was a crime in the eyes of her family. The women of the Bengali family could not even think that they would do anything for freedom.

However, the mothers and sisters of Bengal secretly came forward in the movement. Old Matangini Hazra was shot by the British.Sushila Mitra (1893-1948) of Ashikathi in Tripura understood how much self-sacrifice can be done without holding a weapon.

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During the First World War, he regularly sheltered the fugitive revolutionaries. No matter how small his small hut was, there was no shortage of space for Yugantar Dal revolutionary Satyen Bose, Sachi Bose. During the day, the revolutionaries who roamed the crematorium in disguise received food right from the poor mother’s kitchen. Sushila arranged for the revolutionaries to sleep with the children at night. Not only that, for the betterment of the women of Noakhali out of love for the country, ‘Noakhali Sarojnalini Nari Mangal Samiti’ was formed. He handled the editorial responsibility himself.

There women were taught handicrafts, midwifery. He surrendered himself to the service of the country at the call of Deshbandhu Chittaranjan. Joining the civil disobedience movement, she left three children aged two and a half months, three years and five years at home when she was arrested on January 26, 1932.

However, he agreed to be released on bond and said – “If my children can be said along with thousands of children of the country, then I will feel proud, I will not shed tears”.

Initiated by the mantra Bande Matam written by Bankim Chandra, the men and women of unbroken India jumped to give up their lives, it is like a frenzy like sacrificing in a liberation sacrifice.

Today when the revolution is wrong! People are indifferent about their duty to the country about their right to freedom.

It is for that reason that ordinary people are subordinated to the rulers in their own country. Disrespect for women, religion politics and corruption has gone to the whole country. Whose self-sacrifice was to keep our heads high for our self-respect and human rights to live in a healthy way. Today it is mistaken for our selfishness.

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